Chama cha Uzazi na Malezi Bora Tanzania (UMATI) is a highly regarded non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Tanzania. Since its establishment in 1959, UMATI has been deeply committed to advancing family planning, sexual and reproductive health, and comprehensive sexuality education in the country.


UMATI's core mission revolves around ensuring that all Tanzanians have access to top-notch reproductive health services, information, and education. This commitment empowers individuals to make informed choices regarding their sexual and reproductive well-being. The organization places strong emphasis on promoting gender equality, women's rights, and the empowerment of youth.

One of UMATI's primary functions is to offer a wide array of family planning services, including counseling, contraceptives, and reproductive health education. These services are indispensable in helping individuals and couples plan their families, determine the timing of their children, and ultimately contribute to maternal and child health as well as overall well-being.

UMATI is also deeply involved in comprehensive sexuality education, providing programs and resources to educate young people about sexual health, consent, and safe practices. By increasing knowledge and understanding of sexuality, UMATI strives to reduce teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, and unsafe abortions among Tanzanian youth.

The impact of UMATI's work is evident in the substantial reduction of maternal mortality and improvements in overall reproductive health outcomes in the country.

In summary, Chama cha Uzazi na Malezi Bora Tanzania (UMATI) stands as a leading NGO in Tanzania, tirelessly advocating for family planning, sexual and reproductive health, and comprehensive sexuality education. Its unwavering commitment to providing services, education, and advocacy has positioned it as a key contributor to the improved health and well-being of Tanzanians, particularly in the realms of reproductive health and family planning.

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